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As we become more aware of what we use in our homes and what we consume and put into our sacred body there comes an awareness of our hairdressing, beauty & food standards.  Salons are driven to offer a safe alternative to colouring and haircare .  At Soulsisters Organic Hair Mind, Body Soul Centre  we are passionate about organic living and health. As we have many people through our salon doors each week we feel compelled to share our knowledge of toxic ingredients found in home cleaning products, skincare, haircare & make-up.
In shampoo alone there are 5 Toxic ingredients

•Sodium Lauryl
•Laureth Sulphate (SLS/SLES)
•Sodium lauryl sulphate is a surfactant

We use around 12 products from the time we get up & shower  to  dressing  being:
2. conditioner
3. deodorant
4. toothpaste
5. facewash
6. shave balm
7. face moisturiser
8. hair product
9. sunscreen
10. make-up
11. perfume/cologne
12. body lotion

Consider that fact how many possible toxins have you applied before you walk out the door every day. We then are assaulted with external elements in the air including pollution, free radicals and many other toxic substances that are out of our control.
So why not take charge af what you can control?

Look at all ingredients on every item in your home, start at the bathroom, then laundry and finally your pantry. We have many useful websites at our fingertips to help take the confusion out of of whether an ingredient is safe or  toxic  now with the Environmental Working Groups app Skin Deep,  The  Skin deep  app allows you to scan a product standing right in the supermarket isle and it gives you the thumbs up  or down on each product immediatly (actually a smiley face or sad face) .
If the product doesnt show on the data base yet you will be assisting them by scanning,  as they will endeavor to add these to the data base in due course. Another useful app is Chemical maze and both apps are Free.

It goes without saying that as hairstylists we are responsible for what we choose to use in our salons, and what we deliver to our loyal and trusting clients.  So take charge of your familys and your own health and choose organic products or at least spray free produce in your home and daily life. Together we can make a difference....

Happy long weekend
Fiona Lamb
Director Soulsisters
Founder Lotus Living Organically Inc.



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Organic salons & toxic ingredients to avoid

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